What is a pre-exit survey?


When the tenant gives his prior notice, it is good for him/her to know in advance if the state of the apartment corresponds to that expected during the exit survey and what he is required to do in view of the preparation of his/her exit survey. Similarly, for the owner-lessor, if there is work to be planned, he can anticipate it with building craftsmen.

In short, the pre-exit survey is a pre-departure meeting. This is also called an advisory visit.

It is a sort of draft exit survey to anticipate the work to be carried out by the landlord and those to be carried out by the tenant if he wants to recover all of his rental guarantee.

How should a pre-exit survey be made?

The pre-exit survey is carried out by one of our experts. It is carried out on the basis of the entry survey.

Once the tour of the apartment is done, the expert indicates to the party concerned the repairs which are at his expense. The tenant then has until the exit survey to restore the accommodation.

During the pre-exit survey, a detailed report listing the various repairs to be carried out will then be drawn up by one of our experts.