Incoming Surveys


Calling on a neutral expert to draw up your entry survey will avoid any risk of litigation.


The entry survey must include both an inventory of all the rooms in the house, and of everything in it (number of rooms, materials, appliances, furniture, number of keys, type of flooring, etc.) and a descriptive part setting out in detail the condition of the rooms and the dwelling. A photographic report is also annexed to the report.

The entry survey must be registered in the same way as the lease contract. It is up to the landlord to do so within two months of signing the lease contract.

The law says that the incoming survey must be carried out no later than the end of the first month of occupation by the tenant. However, it is better to do it, if possible, before moving in, because it makes it easier to see the damage, not to mention the fact that damage could be caused during the move.