Outgoing surveys



The exit survey drawn up by our real estate experts is the best guarantee with respect to the rights of the lessor owner as well as those of the tenant.


At the end of the lease, the tenant must return the rented premises to the condition in which he received them (except normal wear and tear, dilapidation, construction defects). It is therefore recommended that the parties have an exit survey drawn up at the end of the lease, in the same way as the entry survey.

The exit survey consists of the comparison between the state of the property at the end of occupancy and that described in the entry survey. It is carried out after the tenant has moved out. At the end of the exit survey, the tenant must return all the keys and will no longer have access to the rented property.

The expert determines the damage or shortcomings attributable to the tenant and quantifies the financial compensation taking into account the distribution of repairs payable by the tenant or the landlord, but also:

  • terms and conditions of the lease
  • any work carried out during occupancy
  • equipment maintenance documents
  • letters exchanged.